19 lut 2017

Coś nowego od Asi

Witajcie w niedzielny poranek!
dzisiaj album we filetach z mojego biurka:)

oraz kartka do kompletu:
Dobrego, scrapowego tygodnia Wam życzę! Do usłyszenia!

18 lut 2017

Mixed-media book by Smilla

Hello friends!Today I'll show you mixed-media book with illustration by Alfons Mucha.

Babyland - Shadowbox by Padoriaa

Hej. Dziś coś zupełnie innego - przestrzenna ramka dla malutkiego Maksa. Długo się zabierałam do tego projektu, dziś jest już gotowy i prezentuje się tak :

Hello .Today I prepared for you something a little bit different. This time I made shadowbox for a boy. I took time before I decided to make it , but finally it's ready :


17 lut 2017

Maryana Volkova- LO- Guest Designer

Hello there! 
 I am happy to be here with you sharing my new project. For this romantic layout I used the Doily Lace, Mehendi Monograce Little Background, Royal Window and Monograce Round Frame. I'm in love with these products.

Have a lovely day!

Raechelle Bellus- Guest Designer

 Raechelle here with some cards featuring the beautiful Lavender Mist collection. 

The blossoms were sprayed with some purple spray mist as a base. Then some light purple glitter paint was applied atop to create some dimension and visual interest. 

There is a layer of vellum between the layers of the chipboard window, which was painted white with a touch of silver on the base.